Where am I?

Between saying nothing and speaking aloud is writing, and it seems that the most powerful, reasonable forms of expression are in the middle. This is the zone of expression that has the potential to be not simply heard, but known and understood by the entire spectrum of humanity.

A story doesn’t need to be experienced to be felt. In between a total lack of knowledge and personal understanding lies the collective unconscious, and this collective unconscious is the essence of human experience–indeed, the essence of humanity.

Storytelling crosses cultures and ages, and even time–it’s the remnant that allows us to connect with our past, the celebration that allows us to find incredible joy in our present, and the seed that gives us hope for the future.

This is a place for stories.

2 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. I believe that honest writers, and others who create in various forms, somehow tap a pool of creativity from which all flows. I can not explain this pool, this Source but know we can learn to tap into it at will and never face “writer’s block” for there is no end to this Source. It is always available, always honest, always ready to guide and teach us. I love your beautiful blog. hugs, pat, Source of Inspiration ❤


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