It’s what they call it.

And it’s much better.

the way,

when you say it,

it’s all on

the tip of your tongue,

hopping gently.

It sounds like the


utterly flawless


It is thin

and light

and flows gently over skin,

caressing it tenderly,

as if

it’s where you always belonged.

It is perfect

and crystalline

but only if crystals

were half as beautiful

as water

can be.

Pictures of sand

magnified 250 times–

each grain is a tiny,



But I didn’t believe that


could be that beautiful

and water

could be that lovely


I was already gone.

2 thoughts on “Alexandria

    • Thank you!! I wrote this while I was in Alexandria, Egypt. I’d never left the country before, much less seen a foreign beach–only the mildly brown, crowded (although beautiful in their own right!)–beaches of the northeastern U.S.

      I’m Sara, and I’m a 21-year-old Biology major! I wish I had more time for travel. The header pictures are all pictures I took in Egypt; maybe when I see more of the world, I’ll have more to add!


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